Conditions of Approval

My journey through the halls of City planning. On a busy March morning in 2017,  I waited by the elevator in the Calgary City Hall atrium as smartly dressed people passed by.  I watched for our no-nonsense engineer Averil to join me before heading up for a preliminary meeting with city planning.  Naively optimistic about […]

Optional Christianity

Talking to a Sunni Muslim women recently, I was curious about her practice of Ramadan.   She shared that not drinking water all day was the hardest part;  and that the fast in Calgary, is from 3:40 am to 9:40 pm.  She explained that all Muslims are expected, once they reach puberty, to participate, but there […]

Friendship, Servanthood and Love

Sometimes when I think of obedience, I’m reminded of those schools for training dogs. Their obedience is won with treats and repetition. Who hasn’t at sometime been told not to ask questions, but just do it? Maybe in the military such unquestioned obedience is a virtue, but in all other relationships, it leaves a person […]

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