Home for Christmas 2013


Tomorrow, the days start getting longer and lighter.  Hope this Christmas, you enjoy the light of Christ, and the wonder of His goodness.

Bob and I are both up early this morning.  My recital was last night, and I think I am still enjoying the afterglow. Now to move on to our Christmas pageant on Sunday.  Looking forward to see our church children participate.

We bought our groceries yesterday for our girls coming home.  Carissa and Brett arrive on Christmas Eve, and Emily and Marshall on Christmas Day.  With Abbey, Bob’s brother’s daughter, living with us, that will make seven people in our home for over Christmas.  Can hardly wait for all the interaction.  What a treasure they all are to both of us.

We are hoping that amidst all the activity, our guests have a few restful moments.  Emily will be finishing off her thesis in the new year, and then will graduate with a Masters degree as a Nurse Practitioner.  Marshall is continuing to work at the Alberta Legislature as a Legislative Assistant.  With the recent cabinet shuffle, work may look different for him upon his return.   Carissa has spent all fall doing a teaching practicum in Dalmeny, Saskatchewan, and will graduate with a Bachelor of Education this spring.  Brett works for Saskatchewan Health in their tech department, keeping the computers running in many of the hospitals in his province.  Abbey moved from Orlando Florida, via Powell River, where she spent the winter with Bob’s sister, Susan.  Shortly after moving here last May, she got herself a job at the Hyatt in downtown Calgary, as a receptionist in their spa.  The weather here is giving her the snowiest, and possibly the coldest winter, in some time.

Bob and I have been in Evangel, and on Erin Woods Dr. now for fifteen years.  We are doing much the same, but church work is always evolving, and we are presently in a very happy spot in our journey here.  A highlight of our year was an Alaskan cruise.  What fun we had together.

Bob’s mom is great.  We saw her both at our nephew’s wedding last January in Orlando, and this summer in Vancouver at the end of our cruise.  My Dad was in hospital at the beginning of the year, and is now living at Prince of Peace, where we moved him on my birthday.  My Mom, unfortunately, has had a very difficult year, and is presently waiting for a Nursing Home to open for her.  Thanks for all your prayers and support for our family in the past year.

Looking forward to 2014.  It will have it’s challenges, but I am determined to make time to quiet my heart, and remember God’s goodness each day this coming year.  And it looks like it will also be a year of celebration for our family with two graduations.

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas.  God bless you all, near and far.  It has been fun keeping in touch with you.  We love you.
Bob and Sandra