My Pep Talk

There are times of sowing and times of reaping in life and in ministry. Sometimes the sowing takes years, but reaping will come. It’s the law of nature.  In those times of sowing, I have often had to give myself a pep talk.

It would go something like this:

Satan would like to discourage you, and keep you from continuing to do God’s work.  It would be easy to get bitter, instead of working with a genuine heart of love. So be diligent to guard your heart, and determine to remain true to the call that God has placed on you. Keep true in your love for God, and trust Him to work things out for your good:  whether you presently see results or not; whether, the very ones you serve appreciate what you are doing or not; whether critics, peers, family, friends, superiors, or even you yourself question what you are doing. What God has begun, he will continue until the day He calls you home. Wouldn’t it be a shame to give up, just before the harvest begins? Don’t lose heart. The Bible tells you to work, in season and out. A crown of life is waiting for those who persevere. Carry on. Don’t be concerned about who gets the credit down here. The one keeping records is God, and He is good. All the time! Be encouraged, and surround yourself with others who will encourage you. Cry out to God, and let Him know how you feel. He promises that those who sow in tears shall reap in joy. Keep sowing good seed. It will come back to you. God keeps His promises. Finally, don’t look for another field to serve, without hearing God’s direction to start over new. There is so much good in remaining steadfast. Many valuable lessons remain unlearned by just giving up, and starting somewhere else. Besides, sheep, like grass, are very much the same on either side of the fence.  There is value in learning how to relate well with the same people. Iron does sharpen iron, but that does not happen if you never get to know anyone well enough to rub them the wrong way, or for you to resolve your differences.  And mostly, remember, you are of value to God, right where you are.  Now  I have this talk in print, to read the next time I am feeling low.