The Family Table

Research has shown that time spent together around the table is time well spent.  I would agree.  Although Bob and I are empty nesters today, we continue to have our supper meals together at our kitchen table, just like we did when our daughters were at home.  No TV trays for us, while we watch Wheel of Fortune.  Somehow, it just would not feel right to spend our meal time distracted by a show.  It’s a time when we are present for and attentive to each other.

family meal

When our kids were growing up, eating together was a priority, although meal prep often felt rushed.  I would finish my last piano student, and quickly begin to  prepare supper, while Bob and the girls came in from their early evening activities, such as volleyball or band practice.  Sometimes there would not be a great deal of time to eat either, as one or more of us would have something to attend after the supper hour.  But we had that time together.  Our meals were not fancy.  Two of my mainstays were rice and stroganoff, with a vegetable side; or spaghetti and meat sauce with salad.  I was and am a meal fixer, not a chef.  However, there we were together as a family:  sharing our day’s events, dreaming about our futures; problem solving; laughing and encouraging each other.  Those were the best of days.   Supper time was family time.

We, as a believer are invited to the Lord ’s Table.  “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”  Ah, what good company he is.  There is nothing we cannot discuss around his table, as his love for us is unconditional.  “He prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies.”  Somehow, as we join Jesus around His table, fear dissipates.    Any giants we have faced during the day, seem less ominous as we enjoy our Saviour’s company.  And what he serves is delicious.  Pull up a chair, sit down, dig in.  Help yourself to seconds.  God is good.  God has the best for us around his table.  His love for us is extravagant and generous.

Today in church, I was reminded of Mephibosheth, grandson to Saul, and son to Jonathan, David’s best friend.  At  the age of five, this poor boy became orphaned, as both  his grandfather and father were killed in battle.  On hearing the news, his nurse ran in fright to hide the boy from his enemies, and in her hurry, fell, dropping the boy, who was left crippled.  What a tragedy for the possible heir to the throne.  In fear, they hid themselves away.  That is, until King David acquired the throne. He had such loyalty and love for his friend, Jonathan, that he searched his friend’s son out.   For the rest of Mephiboseth’s life, he was given a spot at King David’s table.   What a wonderful ending to a rather tragic story.

We, too,  are heirs of God, joint-heirs with Christ Jesus.  When Christ died, we were adopted into his family.  There is a place at the table set for us.   No matter what our history, or what our enemies’ intentions are for us, we are safe.  God has prepared a table before us, to restore us, nurture us, to put us at ease, and to protect us.  Be at peace.  It’s suppertime.  And Christ Himself is present and attentive, and so wants to spend time with us.  Lift that fork to your mouth.  Savor your meal, and the time spent with your Lord and Saviour.   Every day is a new day, with a fresh, new meal to enjoy.  Come to his table, and invite a friend to join you.  There’s always room for one more.